Mafia Game Test

Hello and welcome to Seraph of the End Mafia, I am your host, Zinn Lavender! My Co-Host as well as Moderator on Duty is Doctor Floptopus.

After an epidemic that wiped out the majority of adults on the planet, vampires came out from hiding for centuries and took the surviving children as slaves and livestock to feed on.
The protagonist of the story managed to escape from the vampires and swore vengeance on them, joining the remnants of humanity and vampire slayers, the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

There will be slight spoilers related to characters and the story, you have been warned. You don’t need to be familiar with the story to enjoy the Mafia game however, it’s mostly just flavour.

This game will have a slight bastard element, this means the hosts may be concealing hidden modifiers, roles, alignments or even win conditions from one or two players.
I can guarantee there will not be crazy balance issues or insanifiers like in my previous game.

Spoiler: The rules are as follows:

Our Players:

  1. [@Felly] - Lynched Day One - Shiho Kimizuki, the Town Doctor
  2. [@DawningWinds] - Killed Night Three - Shinoa Hīragi, the Town Cop
  3. [@KenderCharmeleon] - Lynched Day Three - Krul Tepes, the Mafia 1x Ninja & 1x Strongman
  4. [@Midorikawa] - Killed Night Two - Crowley Eusford, the Mafia Roleblocker
  5. [@Tood] - Lynched Day Four - Makoto Narumi, the Town 1x Role Cop(ycat) turned Cop
  6. [@Zachie] - Died in the Endgame - Mikaela Hyakuya, the Independent 1x Deathproof, Miller & Bounty Hunter turned Serial Killer
  7. [@DekuNut] - Killed Night Three - Kureto Hīragi, the Town Miller & 1x Vigilante
  8. [@Jinjo] - Killed Night One - Yūichirō Hyakuya, the Town 1x Commuter
  9. [@Snowstorm] - Lynched Day Two - Guren Ichinose, the Town 1x Gladiator & Neighbour
  10. [@Space] - Killed Night Three - Mitsuba Sangu, the Town Bodyguard
  11. [@HumanDawn] - Won in the Endgame - Yoichi Saotome, the Loved & Vengeful
  12. [@SMII] [@ExLight] - Killed Night Two - Shinya Hīragi, the Town Tracker & Neighbour
  13. [@CyanideCrystal] - Died Night Four - Ferid Bathory, the Mafia Role Cop

Our Substitutes:

Our Spectators:

  • [@prog rocker]
  • [@Frozen Fennec]

Spoiler: Our Players

25th of December, 2012, Eight Years Ago
The day the apocalypse began, known later as The Catastrophe. This is the event that killed the majority of adult humans from an unknown disease the sweeped the world. The vampires came and took many children that were left without anyone to care for them as a food source.
What few adults survived protected as many children as they could and banded together to fight back against the vampires. Eight year old Yūichirō & Mikaela Hyakuya and the rest of the Hyakuya orphans are taken to the underground vampire city known as Sanguinem.

2016, Four Years Ago
Twelve year old Mikaela came up with a plan to escape Sanguinem, having gained the trust of a high ranking noble vampire, Ferid Bathory, by offering him blood personally rather than through the proper channels in return for favors. He stole a gun and map of the city through doing this. Using these he convinced Yūichirō and the other Hyakuya orphans to escape to the surface where the vampires can’t get them.
After some convincing Yūichirō agreed and they all made their way to the surface. Unfortunately Ferid knew what Mikaela was planning and waited at the exit for them to arrive… Where he promptly killed them for sport.

dragon_nataku has been modkilled for breaking rule 12! (Am I funny yet?)
They were the Hyakuya Orphans, the Innocent Children!

Spoiler: dragon_nataku Role PM (DN is not an actual player in this game, this is pure flavour)

Yūichirō looked on in horror as his family was killed before his eyes, Mikaela fought back with the gun he’d stolen from Ferid to give him time to escape, catching the vampire by surprise but ending up fatally wounded in the process. Yūichirō eventually made it to the surface where he met a man known as Guren Ichinose, a member of the anti-vampire defence force known as the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Guren decided to take Yūichirō under his protection.

2020, Present Day
Ever since he’d managed to escape from the vampires Yūichirō swore vengeance on the vampires who took the only people he could call family. He has spent the last four years training to join the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and has just past the test. With his sword at his side, he joins his new squad of recently made friends and heads out to complete the missions given to them…

Day One has begun, the Night Phase will begin at 11pm AEST in 48 hours on the 8th of March, the midday vote count will be 11pm AEST in 24 hours on the 7th of March.
You may now vote for each other.

Seraph of the End Mafia - Day One Ends/Night One Begins